Sunday, May 6, 2012

deeper conversation

all over sudden in the middle of the dawn,i woke up from sleep and feel so down inside me.
i dont know why but i guess its the deeper coversation between me and my heart.the brain start to rolls up all the things thats happend.somehow make me realized,im not being so well in life.

so much depression.i cant give a point from where its start."back to your creator" they said.nahh,one of the reason i thought,yeah could be.err for sure i think.

i was like, "hey kenapa kita membesar?i wish i was back there when i was four.tak perlu fikir masalah orang dewasa.main makan minum,itu je perlu"

"susah jadi orang dewasa,banyak pakai hati,perasaan.masa kecik kecik dulu,pakai tangan main masak masak,pakai kaki main lari lari."

then i goes to how down was me when i dont even got any offer from any institude.lead to me to this,
"mungkin belum terbentang jalan untuk saya,mungkin tuhan save the best for last.mugkin saya patut lebih bersabar"

then the screen show in my tiny head rolls up my loves life.i realized theres so much hurts and sometimes we can even bare.but my love still gives me chances by chances,in hope i'll change.change to better me.
lead to "i know lifes better since he turns to my life.thanks prince :')" "you've guide this stubborn girlso well,im the one who couldnt listen.heyyyy,i love you dummy"

i gotta change myself,my attitude i mean. :) 

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